Hotel history

In the 15th century a house called U Proroků ( At the Prophets) was standing here, in the year 1424 this house was confiscated by Old city community.

After Mr. Petr Šídlo had bought this house and he established a tavern called Šebířova in it. In 1488 the house belongs to Mr. Matěj Rejsek,  a significant late Gothic builder ( Powder Tower, completion of  St. Barbara in Kutna Hora and other buildings).

After this house was called U Zeleného orla ( At a Green eagle), in the 17th century belonged to prosecutor Melichar Teyprecht from  Prechtynk, his house was confiscated and sold out in the year  1631 for 849 kop (old Czech currency) to a miller Mr. Ondřej Touškovský. In the late 17th century the house was owned by the mayor Mr. Reisman from Reisenberk.
Later on here was established a pub, visited, among other important guests, by a historian Tomek Wacslaw Wladiwoj.

In the years 1933 to 1935 at the place of the original house a new building was built by Mr. František Dittrich in the Art Nouveau style, used as a guest house, restaurant and wine roomcalled U staré paní (At the Old Lady).